Stringmania 2019

Stringmania is an immersive camp for string musicians from beginner to advanced, who are passionate or curious about contemporary and traditional music. Specific tuition is delivered by fiddle, cello, double bass, guitar, song and dance exponents. If your main instrument is not one of the core tutor instruments offered, it is recommended that you have a level of proficiency and confidence on your chosen instrument to enable you to get the most out of camp. Classes are vertically structured with instructors moving between groups so that all instruments and levels have the opportunity to be exposed to all our high-calibre tutors.

You’ll take up to four classes a day on your instrument, participate in thought-provoking panel discussions, and a variety of electives in rhythm, improvisation, dance and song. You can also session like there's no tomorrow, swap stories, songs and tunes, and have in-depth conversations with new and old friends alike. The camp culminates in a final celebratory concert where we all take to the stage and share what we've learned with friends, family and the local community.


All ages and musical abilities are welcome, as Stringmania is a village, not a school! It’s not a prescriptive course; bring your questions, needs, strengths, fears and hopes to camp and choose your own adventure. You’ll be surrounded by other eager and passionate musicians, all seeking out their own answers, and supporting you to find yours.

Come and share your voice with Stringmania!

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