New Professional Development for Stage 1 Teachers

Our Early Childhood Teacher Julia Rennick and guitar teacher Joel Pickett are currently developing a new six-week course, Guitar for the Stage 1 Classroom.

The course is designed to assist classroom teachers develop their guitar knowledge and playing skills to incorporate music in the Stage 1 classroom.

The course will run from Week 3-8 at 6-7:30pm with NESA accreditdation at Proficient Level.

Beginner Guitar for the Stage 1 Classroom – 6 weeks $180

So many young children are singing and/or performing now to backing tracks. Playing guitar for your students to accompany them live is an engaging and powerful tool. The guitar is a portable instrument that can be used in the classroom, outside in the playground and face to face with your students.

This course will teach you some basic chords and basic musical notation. This will allow you to play age appropriate children's songs, introduce you to guitar fundamentals and musicianship; including musical concepts such as beat and rhythm which are requirements of the K-6 Creative Arts syllabus.

When integrated daily into the classroom, there are many benefits gained through music including:

  • Reducing feelings of anxiety and stress in the classroom.
  • Helping children regulate their emotions.
  • Improving concentration and on-task behaviour.
  • Enhancing the way children can process language and speech.
Please phone 6742 3998 to register