Covid We're Over it! Project continues

This weekend we welcome Kate Gaul and Jasmine Christie back as we move forward with our creative theatre project under the working title, Covid We're Over It.

Our launch weekend in July was wonderful and we thank participants for committing their time, energy and inspiration to our endeavour.

There are a handful of people who for various reasons couldn’t make it to the weekend but whose hands firmly up.  We welcome you! If you are interested in this project and have questions call Gunnedah Conservatorium Director Rebecca Ryan on 6742 3998.


1. 22nd – 23 August
2. 19 – 20 September (included Design Presentation)
3. 17 – 18 October
4. 21 – 22 November
5. Evenings of 26, 27, 28 November
6. Performance 28, 29 November